Beware of Maktub Locker

April 20, 2016

Bringing More Complexity to Ransomware

"Maktub” is an Arabic word meaning “this is fate” or “this is written”. And just like that, if this new flavor of ransomware should hit your business, it may feel like fate is no longer on your side. For the health of your business, it is imperative to share this warning with your staff concerning the Maktub Locker.  

According to Malwarebytes LABS, this ransomware normally comes in some sort of a spam campaign pretending to be a “Terms of Service” update.  The attachment will actually resemble a document. While you are reading this document trying to figure out what it pertains to, the program runs in the background. The result is encrypted and compressed files. 

And just like that - your business data is affected and you receive a warning.

Once you follow the warning to the website, you will see that "ransom" you owe in order to get your files back.

If you have anti-malware software in place - we salute you! Anti-malware software will detect this malware as: Ransome.Maktub.

Not sure how to protect your business from ransomware? Check out our short article for our top eight prevention tips. Again, we encourage you to share these tips with your employees as ransomware often starts through spam campaigns.

Want more information on Maktub Locker? Check out this in-depth blog by Malwarebytes LABS.