Simplicity in a Busy Life

November 11, 2016

With four kids and a wife who prides herself on “choosing not to cook,” PBJs are kind of a staple at my house. They are easy (to make and eat), everyone likes them, and they are affordable. All of which are critical in my check off list as a busy working dad!

While the PBJ is a pretty common household word, a lesser known one in the business place is PBX.  Sorry – peanut butter is not part of this acronym, but ease and simplicity are. PBX means Private Branch Exchange – or private telephone switchboard. While that terminology might sound confusing, virtual PBX is honestly about as simple as the PBJ!

Here are some of my favorite things about virtual PBX:

  • Reduced hardware and maintenance cost: Virtual PBX eliminates the need for an on-site phone server.
  • Scalability: Virtual PBX allows a business to add phones as needed without any capital investment.
  • Mobility and Portability: Virtual PBX allows organizations and employees to be extremely mobile. Allowing employees to stay connected no matter where they are located.

As a dad, I could spend all day listing the benefits of serving a PBJ for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My best guess is you could probably list all of your own and that you really don’t need my opinion. On the other hand, when it comes to the Virtual PBX system, as a business manager, I would like to offer my professional opinion as to why your business should consider this platform. 

  1. Cost Savings 
    Moving to a cloud-based PBX system offers multiple cost savings to businesses.

    • Eliminates large upfront cost. Minimal to no capital investments needed.
    • Pay-as-you-grow system.
    • Eliminates ongoing maintenance cost (included with cloud-based systems)
    • Minimal to no installation cost. Easily deployed.

  2. Disaster Recovery 
    No more worries about the security and support of your phone system. Your virtual PBX is securely located in our state-of-art data center. Not only is it secure, but it is also managed and maintained by our highly trained support staff. No matter what situation arises, we will be there to provide you the highest quality of customer service in the industry. This isn’t just something we say – we deliver! (We have the awards to prove it.) 
    *Editor’s note, our parent company has been providing rural telephone service for over 60 years. Trust me - we KNOW phones!
  3. Practicality and functionality 
    We know what’s important to your business and have included those features in our offering. Our virtual PBX offerings include many feature rich options like auto attendant, voicemail, voicemail to email, web portal, mobile and desktop soft phone, and essentially anything else your business needs.
  4. Ownership 

    We want you to be in control of your system’s design. We will make sure your virtual PBX system fits your company and will customize it based on your needs. When you choose Networks Plus, you are in the driver’s seat!

At home I don’t have to talk up PBJs – everyone knows they are awesome. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say they are pretty much a busy dad’s go-to meal. To be honest, I feel the exact same way about our virtual PBX systems. They are going to be as much a staple in the workplace as the PBJ is in the kitchen. In fact, I know once you’ve taken a look at them you will be convinced it will be the perfect fit for your business!