Customer Reviews

We Look to Networks Plus to Keep Us Current, Efficient, and Secure

“Help Desk has streamlined our ability to get needed assistance. This proactive approach is not only efficient, but timely responses to our requests for assistance are key. In the ever-changing technology/IT environment, we look to Networks Plus to keep us current, efficient, and secure.  Networks Plus continues to offer a high level of service 24/7 for our operation. We consider Networks Plus to be a dynamic partner in an effort to offer our staff and members dependable and professional support daily.”

Randy Weseman - Kansas Association of School Boards


I Can Be Certain Updates and Patches Are Being Installed and Monitored by an Expert

“When you work in a small office where the majority of the personnel is over 40, IT expertise is limited to say the least.  With proactive Remote Monitoring & Management I can be certain that updates and patches are being installed and monitored by an expert. Networks Plus has been my tech support for a long time and they’re always here for us. It’s wonderful to have that kind of IT support just down the road.” 

Janet Fritschi - Sunflower Credit Union


Quality Service From People That Will Actually Get to Know You

“If someone was on the fence about choosing an IT firm, give Networks Plus a try! You will appreciate the quality service from people that will actually get to know you, your company, and your needs. The personal service is top notch and it’s always nice having someone to call that you know. They’ve really taken the worry out of the game.”

Janelle Wohler - Linn Community Nursing Home


Networks Plus Seems To Care About Our Business As Much As I Do

"We have been using Networks Plus for over 16 years. That fact alone should say a lot about how I feel. While other firms have tried to get my business, I have never regretted my decisions to stay with Networks Plus. In addition to being technically proficient, they are generally pleasant and seem to care about our business as much as I do."

Joe Bramlage – KBS Constructors

If You Want Quick And Competent Service, Networks Plus Should Be Your Choice

"The single biggest benefit to our company since utilizing Networks Plus has been they are always quick to respond to our needs. Compared to other IT firms, we find their service and pricing to be superior.  If you want quick and competent service, Networks Plus should be your choice for IT needs."

Nancy Gleason – People’s Insurance

I May Not Know A Lot About IT, But I Know The People Who Know Everything About IT

"I am confident when I go to Networks Plus with a problem, big or small, they will not only correct the problem, but will explain what happened and offer solutions that fit my budget. Their service people are down to earth, and don’t make me feel “stupid”. When I am sure there is no way a problem can be fixed, they surprise me every time and make it look easy. I may not know a lot about IT, but I know the people who know everything about IT."

Val Bunker – Bossler Brown

Networks Plus Is The Most Reliable, Intelligent, Customer-Friendly And Affordable Solution In The Marketplace

"Networks Plus has been reliable and responsive whenever we have needed them, including being ready to provide support when we have had issues over the weekend. They have done a great job of recognizing our preferred approach to handling backups of data and have come up with affordable solutions that meet our objectives. Networks Plus has been the most reliable, intelligent, customer-friendly and affordable solution with whom we have partnered in our market."

John Woodward - Kid Stuff Marketing, Inc.

Going With Networks Plus Is One Of The Best Decisions I Have Made

"Networks Plus gives us clear, consistent guidance and product service. Their personnel have a wealth of knowledge on operation and product guidance. And I know they aren’t going to try pushing me into buying a product that is not necessary for proper operation. Going with Networks Plus is one of the best decisions I have made. They keep things streamlined and professional!" 

Brooke Smith - Youth Services Center (2nd Judicial District)