Data Backup & Business Continuity

Backup & Disaster Recovery

When infrastructure fails, business comes to a grinding halt. Replacement hardware takes time to order and install, infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, and backups need to be parsed and applied. This can take hours or days - even with a good backup solution. And when business is down every second counts.

Get more than just one server back up and running; virtualize your entire infrastructure with the click of a few buttons! Networks Plus offers multiple solutions to fit your company's disaster recovery plan and risk tolerance using image-based backups with hybrid local and cloud models.

And when it comes to nasty ransomware - business continuity now acts as your secret weapon! Our devices actively monitor backups, and when a ransomware footprint is detected, it notifies admins they have a likely ransomware attack on their hands. From there, recovery is simply a matter of restoring from a previous backup.

Figure out your recovery time objective (RTO) & downtime costs by using the calculator below:

RTO Calculator

Microsoft Office 365 Back-Up

Datto SaaS Protection Datto SaaS Protection helps you recover quickly from data loss in Office 365 or G Suite associated with accidental or malicious deletion, departing employees, external hackers, and ransomware attacks. Easy to use, automated, and secure at both the application and infrastructure level, it’s no wonder SaaS Protection backs up over 3.5 million users. Setup takes minutes and point in time backups are created automatically across each users’ apps three times a day.

Why Do You Need Backup in the Cloud?

Today, 1 in 3 companies using SaaS applications have lost business-critical data, with 47% of that data loss caused simply by accidental deletion. Businesses face significant liability if a user deletes or overwrites a file, an email, or a record unintentionally, or if an employee leaves the company and takes their files with them.

As businesses increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many think that Microsoft or Google’s native options are enough or that traditional best practices such as data backup are outdated. While a SaaS application is always available, accessible from anywhere, and highly redundant, it doesn’t offer advanced protection against unexpected data loss.